Natural warmth from the first days


Today, raising a child away from chemicals and pollutants is a challenge for many mothers. It is worth listening to the words of our grandmothers and finding natural ways to sleep well, relieve pain and provide warmth from the first days of life. Discover the amazing gift of mother nature - products made of wool and lambskins.



Relugan skins are used by mothers across Europe as sleeping and play mats for newborns and toddlers. Women who are already pregnant sleep on Relugan lambskins and lay their babies on them after birth. The fur absorbs the smell of the mother and gives the baby a feeling of closeness and security. The baby feels safe in it and falls asleep peacefully. Relugan is allergen-free and therefore also suitable for children with sensitive skin.


Relugan lambskins are tanned medicaly - with use of natural tannins. They are characterized by thick, soft, yellow bristles. They have an antibacterial effect and thus counteract viruses and bacteria. They have numerous health-promoting properties that can be attributed to the lanolin they contain. These special lambskins care for the skin and moisturise it. They are especially recommended for children and seniors. They are also washable at 30 degrees.

Relugan lambskin is also used in the manufacture of baby sleeping bags and pram inserts. Thanks to its thermoregulating properties, it prevents overheating and guarantees thermal comfort, keeping you warm on frosty days and maintaining the optimal temperature when it's warmer outside.



When choosing the first baby shoes and slippers, it is worth choosing lambskin shoes. The soft fur inside is kind to children's skin, warms and prevents sweating thanks to its excellent air permeability. It adapts to the child's foot without causing abrasions and pressure.


Lambskin slippers are also suitable for pregnant women and young mothers. They soothe swollen and tired feet and provide them with healthy, natural warmth. The soft fur inside reduces pressure and prevents abrasions caused by increased body weight during this time. We particularly recommend Hollert slippers made of ecological lambskin made from Bavarian Merino Wool. The wide range offers you a large selection. Choose a model that meets your individual needs. Easy-on slippers or slip-ons are perfect for times when it's difficult to bend down and put shoes on. We recommend soft and warm sleeping shoes for mothers who suffer from cold feet when feeding at night.


After many years, sheep's wool returns to the fore. Garments made from merino wool do not itch and are superior to other fibers in many ways. Wool is highly hygroscopic, absorbing moisture and creating a thermal buffer between the skin and the outside environment. In contrast to conventional fabrics, it is dirt-repellent, does not need to be washed often and does not absorb unpleasant odours.

We recommend Merino wool clothing for both children and parents. Wool vests allow you to maintain the thermal comfort of the body and adapt to the prevailing environmental conditions. When you return from a walk, you and your child return to a room with a higher temperature, woolen clothing does not cause a sudden increase in heat and sweating.




The lanolin contained in sheep's wool has many health-promoting properties. The Hollert brand range includes hand-sorted, gently washed and combed sheep's wool. It is a natural remedy with soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. Recommended for babies with diaper rash, abdominal colic and for women struggling with breast swelling during breastfeeding. It also supports the treatment of colds, sore throats and earaches. It also acts as a shock absorber for orthopedic problems. Wool should only be used for external use. A piece of wool should be placed directly on the skin (e.g. in a diaper, bra, as a neck wrap) and changed regularly if the color changes.



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