About us


"Searching for love and giving warmth" - that is the motto we have been practicing since 1993.

Our company is located in the beautiful Upper Franconia quiet location in the valley of Kulmbach. At the beginning our company was engaged in the import and export of raw, salted and tanned lambskins.

On 600 m² we store our raw sheepskins, which are carefully sorted and checked for quality by trained employees with many years of experience.


Long-standing and reliable suppliers from southern Germany, as well as the Alpine countries guarantee us the highest quality sheepskins. These are processed in selected and award-winning sheep farms and skinning plants from the High Tatras in Poland.


In 1995, the sale of finished sheepskin products began in our own sheepskin store "Hollert Felle & Leder". There we won our first satisfied and loyal customers.

From the year 2000, we successfully launched the sale of our goods at the Coburg Christmas market and are a welcome standowner there to this day. Every year you can buy our assortment there in a beautiful atmosphere and through professional advice.

image003Photo: Original excerpt from "Neue Presse Coburg"

In 2007, we now also operate an ebay shop that appeals to and appeals to customers from all over the world. For this we have already received several awards such as "Top Seller", as well as "Topseller".

Convince yourself of our beautiful and high-quality assortment:

  • Sheepskins
  • Sheepskin jackets
  • Sheepskin vests
  • Sheepskin caps
  • Sheepskin shoes
  • Leather gloves
  • Sheepskin products for kids
  • and much more ...

Sheepskin - a natural product - offers years of durability and natural warmth. Treat yourself to a first-class natural product, and you will enjoy it for a long time.


Because, as the saying goes:

"You buy a copy for others and an original for yourself".