Frequently Asked Questions

The return costs are according to the cancellation policy and new law to be borne by the buyer (cancellation policy can be found on our website, and enclosed in the package).


How are the sheepskins tanned?

White and champagne sheepskins:

Alaungerbung (white tanning)

For the Alaungerbung (or also white tanning) a naturally occurring potassium aluminum salt is used for centuries. Alum leaves the wool of the fur as natural as possible. After tanning, the skins are bleached with pure botanicals. Both - ecological tanning and bleaching - guarantee a largely pollution-free coat. Since the tanning agent is water-soluble mineral salts, these furs must not be washed, as otherwise leather can become hard.


Colored sheepskins:

Our colored sheepskins have been dyed by BASF with German chemicals. They are colored in the same way as e.g. Leather shoes throughout Europe. No illicit tanning agents are used. All our sheepskins are treated in organic tanneries in the High Tatras. Quality and health compatibility is our top priority!


Medical sheepskins:

Our medically tanned sheepskins are tanned in a gentle process. Production takes place without chromates or aluminum triformates. Therefore, they are ideal for babies, patients with rheumatic diseases, wheelchair users, underbed, etc.


Can I wash my sheepskin?
Sheepskin has the property that it cleans itself by its own fats. Maintain your sheepskin by shaking it well and brushing it with an old hairbrush. It may also like to be hung in the fresh air (attention: not in the blazing sun).

White and champagne sheepskins:
Since the tannin is a water-soluble mineral salt, it is important not to wash these fur, otherwise the leather may harden. We therefore recommend only professional cleaning.

Colored sheepskins:
Our colored sheepskins may be washed at 30 degrees wool cycle / gentle wash. We recommend our special fur detergent. Please do not hang to dry, but lay. The coat should be dried slowly and, during the process, the leather of the coat kept on, e.g. pull over a table edge or chair back to get it soft and supple again.

Medical sheepskins:
The coat may be used at max. 30 degrees in the gentle cycle in the washing machine or by hand. When drying, the same procedure is recommended as with a colored sheepskin. Please also note the washing instructions, which are located on the back of your medical sheepskin.


My sheepskin smells of "sheep" and / or shows small blemishes, is that normal?
The coat is a natural product. Skins are grown, handmade products and do not come off the roll. Alleged blemishes, such as slight abrasions, small holes, scars on the leather, different hair texture, small color deviations, markers, etc. are quite normal and give him his individual touch. Even the "sheep's smell" is normal, as our skins are all from organic tanneries. Natural tanning is very important to us, and at the beginning the coat may smell a bit like "sheep". By regularly ventilating and brushing the coat, this odor should disappear, but at least after a professional cleaning.


Where is my package?
After payment of the item, the goods will be shipped immediately. You will receive a tracking number of DHL by email. These can be followed online at https://www.dhl.de/de/paket/information/sendungsverfolgung.html. If after a few days you still do not understand the persecution, you can contact us by phone and we'll take care of your case immediately.


Can I pay on account?

We offer payment by PayPal, bank transfer and advance payment. 


Where do our sheepskins come from?
We buy our sheepskins from German shepherds all over Bavaria. Good quality is very important to us. Made in Germany! The sheepskins are then tanned in the High Tatras in Poland.