Precious fur handbag only available at Der Fellmann

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Felt handbag Model 1 Heart
Felt handbag Model 1 Heart
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Fur bag

Fur bag - Small accessory, big effect

Who says that only coats and jackets should be made of fur? A fur bag is a beautiful accessory that everyone will envy. Whether as a practical everyday companion or as an exceptional accessory for special occasions: a pelt bag from Hollert is just as unique as its owner - you. Each fur bag from our range is made individually, exclusively and with elaborate manual work - a real eye-catcher. The beauty of a fur bag - it is timeless and thus even after 10 years, still an elegant accessory that shows no signs of wear. An investment that is truly worthwhile.

This distinguishes a fur bag from Hollert:
• suitable for allergy sufferers
• elegant
• exclusive
• practically
• Timeless
• robust
• unique
• durable
• easy to clean

Fur pocket: cleaning

A tip right away: A fur pocket cleans itself best! But it can happen even during a sightseeing trip or a party night drowned that you pollute your fur bag. Please note the following information for this:

Do not bring your fur bag for dry cleaning! Powerful shaking frees your fur bag from dust and other possible dirt. Rain and snow you can knock out easily. Then let your fur bag dry at room temperature. A moist fur bag must under no circumstances be exposed to heat (eg iron, heating, clothes dryer, etc.). To make your fur bag shine in its old glory, there are natural cleaning methods, for example, adding moistened sawdust in a rotating fur ring drum causes the fur hair to be cleaned.