Winter Charity Show "Gwiazdy Dzieciom"

On December 3, 2023, we once again had the great honor of participating in the "Gwiazdy Dzieciom" charity fashion show. This edition was definitely one of the most special. There was a festive atmosphere and the young participants could look forward to many games, competitions and Christmas prizes.

Many thanks to Mrs. Hanna Glowacki from HGFilm for the opportunity to participate in this perfectly organized event. It was an unforgettable moment for us and a great opportunity to make a helpful contribution!

The entire event was beautifully described on the AKPA website; you can read their description for the photo report below.

"Report on the "Gwiazdy Dzieciom" charity fashion show. Christmas trees, presents, a festive atmosphere, a red carpet like Santa's outfit, lots of stars and lots of fun for the children! On December 3, just before Santa Claus Day in Poland, the "Gwiazdy Dzieciom" charity fashion show took place in the sports and performance hall in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.".

This was the 17th edition of this event, in which well-known personalities appear together with children as models and present clothes and shoes from several Polish brands that sponsor this event on the catwalk. "Before Santa Claus Day, we dress children, especially from the social welfare center in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, in warm clothes. The children perform with the stars, and that's probably the most fun for them. They can feel like stars themselves on the red carpet and in the spotlight."

The children receive all the clothes they perform in. I am delighted that small companies that sew children's clothes have taken part in this edition. The children and the stars are beautifully dressed! We have also prepared a special competition for the children in the audience. Each child can prove themselves as a model and a star jury will judge which one was the best. They will all receive gifts - smartwatches, board games, hot water bottles and sweets," said Hanna Glowacka, initiator and organizer of the "Gwiazdy Dzieciom" show.

On a snowy Sunday afternoon, in a beautiful Christmas scenery, the winter clothing collections of Polish designers and clothing companies were presented by Katarzyna Pakosińska, Monika Mrozowska, Małgorzata Opczowska-Łęska, Aleksandra Kostka, Iwona Węgrowska, Emilia Dankwa, Katarzyna Ptasińska, Piotr Mróz, Agnieszka Wasilewska, Robert Koszucki, Karol Strasburger, Martyna Rokita, Karolina Motylewska, Kamil Lemieszewski. As befits a winter edition, the runway was dominated by jackets, coats, sheepskins, sweaters, hats and warm boots. There were also festive, elegant suits and dresses. During the show, celebrities and children presented themselves in clothes from brands such as Caterina, Escada by Milagros, Volcano, Miss City Official, Hollert, Irka, Luxury Fashion, Marlene, Woj-Pol Sklep, Pepco, Berry Button, Akademia Stylu Maluszka, Mini Kids, Qba Kids, Qba Gravity, New Bebe. Footwear was taken care of by the CCC brand, while hairstyles were provided by the Beauty Team salon, Atelier Staszak. Sponsors of the event included: FaceBoom, Nena Bebe, Gravity, Cremajo, Blue Berry Duck, True Pomeranian Fudge from Milanowek, Pracownia Gleba, Grzegorz Bojda, Zlota Niezapominajka Foundation.

The event was hosted by journalist Eliza Gwiazda and the biggest Christmas hits were sung by Karolina "Strzelba" Strzebońska. "I have been organizing charity fashion shows for five years at the request of Hania Głowacki. We do them for children who really need our help. The children get warm clothes, a smile and celebrity support. They are the most important thing on this day. We make their dreams come true" - said Eliza Gwiazda.

The participants of the show had no doubt that helping and making a child's world safe, happy and full of love is worthwhile. "A great local initiative! It's the fourth time I've participated in a charity show organized by the fantastic Hania Głowacka. A big round of applause! And all so that our little bubbles have the smiliest faces in the world." - admitted the actress Katarzyna Pakosińska.

"Helping is a pleasure in itself. That's why I'm happy to take part in this show again. Christmas also has a magic that makes us open our hearts even more to other people" - explained Piotr Mróz, star of the TV series 'Cops'. "A winter collection, a Santa Claus show, lots of surprises for children. Our participation is an additional small contribution to make this day a special day for them" - said journalist Małgorzata Opczowska-Łęska.

"The children's joy is the most important thing. I saw how happy they were when they were combed and made up a little before the show. It's a special situation for them, because they are the ones who should feel like stars," added actress Monika Mrozowska.  "Christmas is waiting for us, Santa Claus is already on his way with presents. We are here to make it easier for the children, to make them smile more often". - concluded the actor and 'Familiada' presenter Karol Strasburger."

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