Tibetan Lambskin

Tibetan lambskins
The Tibetan lambskin with a luxurious effect and a lot of advantages.
The fluffy Tibetan lambskin has a very special structure: The curly long pile and the very soft and light Tibetan fur have a particularly high-quality and luxurious effect and, as a purely natural product, offers very special advantages and is also inexpensive.

Because of the proteins, genuine Tibetan lambskin is suitable for allergy sufferers and is antibacterial and mite-safe. The lanolin it contains means that it has a natural cleaning power and has a self-cleaning effect, so to speak. Here you will find our Tibetan lambskin.


What does Tibetan fur go best with?
The Tibetan fur is very popular as a runner, carpet or as a seat pad for chairs or for the couch. It brings a cozy atmosphere into your own four walls and it is nice to touch the soft fur. It is so soft and fluffy that even cats and dogs soon make this snuggling place their territory.

The leather of the Tibetan fur is light and relatively thin, but the wool is very soft and fluffy. Small holes on the leather side do not represent quality defects. They are expertly sewn. They are not visible on the fluffy visible fur side. Tibetan skins ensure comfort and, as a pure natural product, are sustainable and ecological.

Tibetan lambskin in natural colors
The white Tibetan fur is one of the most popular skins because it is not bleached. Other color levels are gray to silver-grey and the gently dyed lavender-colored fur - natural tones that radiate comfort. Our Tibet skins are available in the sizes 90-100 cm, 100-110 cm and 110 to 120 cm.

Care tips for genuine Tibetan lambskins
They should not be washed because of the ecological tanning. So that you can enjoy your real Tibetan lambskin for a long time, shake it out regularly, vacuum it off at a low level with a vacuum cleaner and air it regularly.




Advantages of Tibetan fur at a glance


  • Quality: Handpicked quality fur from Tibet
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers: Tibetan fur is antibacterial and mite-proof
  • Sustainable: Gently and ecologically tanned
  • Unique: Beautiful fur structure and cuddly soft
  • Easy to care for: durable and with a self-cleaning effect
  • Popular: inexpensive and a real eye-catcher




Tibetan lambskin is ideally suited as:

  • Bed pad
  • Couch blanket
  • Chair pad
  • Seat pad
  • Cozy decoration
  • Runners in the hallway, bedroom and living room
  • Cozy rug
  • Garden chair pad

You want to buy real Tibetan lambskin and don't go bankrupt?

As a family business from Upper Franconia, we are specialized in fur products, including lambskin from Tibet, and it is our concern to make our customers happy with our products.

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