Summer in the garden!

Summer in the garden!

Summer in the garden is a time when we want to enjoy the beauty of nature and create a cozy place to relax. If you are looking for an idea to decorate your garden and give it a unique character, sheep and lamb skins are a great solution. Used for centuries as decorative elements of interiors and gardens, they will add not only aesthetic charm, but also functionality.

Sheep and lamb skins are fantastic additions to your garden. You can use them as garden furniture covers, adding warmth and coziness to your living space. These leathers are also great as rugs on the terrace or under the gazebo, creating a safe place to walk barefoot. You can also spread some of them on the lawn to create a cozy place to rest. Second choice lambskins are just perfect for the garden. They have minor shortcomings that make them unique, and by the way, their price is very competitive.


When the evenings become cooler, it is worth reaching for woolen blankets. Our blankets are made of natural merino wool, which is characterized by excellent thermoregulatory properties. Thanks to them, these blankets provide pleasant warmth on cold evenings, while perfectly maintaining the right body temperature.

In the summer garden, merino wool vests can also be useful. Worn during summer evenings, when the temperature drops, they will provide thermal comfort, and at the same time will be light, soft and comfortable.

However, remember that sheep and lamb skins require proper care. Regular airing, beating and combing the skins will keep them fresh. Avoid exposing them to harsh sun and rain as this can lead to damage. We recommend placing the leathers in shady places and using them in the evening when the sun is less intense.

We offer a wide selection of sheep and lamb skins that are perfect for decorating your garden. We recommend leather in natural colors, not dyed, which best blend with the greenery. We also offer pillows and chair cushions that you can combine with leather to create a coherent and unique arrangement.

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Enjoy summer days in your garden, creating a unique place to relax and rest. The use of natural materials such as sheep and lamb skins, wool blankets and merino wool vests will bring a cozy atmosphere to your space. Remember to protect your leather from excessive sun exposure and enjoy its beauty for many years.

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