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Written by: Bogdan Hollert Published by: DER FELLMANN on 21.12.2017

Sheepskin - A versatile and inexpensive natural product
Are you looking for something cuddly? Are you looking for the perfect accessory for your home? Would you like to make your couch more cuddly? Are you constantly cold and your feet already look like two frostbite?
Then you've come to the right place. We have a huge selection of skins for you, so you can find the perfect skin with us. The range of our sheepskins is handpicked and consists of the best and highest quality skins from all over Bavaria and the region.
For more than 30 years we have been running our sheepskin business in Kulmbach - in the heart of Upper Franconia - with great attention to detail and 100% manual work. We purchase the sheepskins exclusively from German sheep ranches, which we regularly visit in person to check the functionality, quality and species-appropriate husbandry. Our skins are a pure by-product of shepherds, which we process into beautiful and, above all, warm natural products. Find out more about the natural product sheepskin and its advantages on this page.
Our sheepskins are a classic and the perfect home accessory. A coat offers warmth in winter and coolness in summer. See for yourself.
We cordially invite you to our cozy world of the most beautiful and warmest home accessories made of sheepskin.

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Table of contents:
  • A sheepskin as a gift?
  • How long have people been using sheepskins?
  • Does sheepskin have health benefits?
  • Is sheepskin trendy?
  • How do you wash or care for sheepskin?
  • What colors are sheepskins available in?
  • Why do sheepskins smell?
  • Sustainable and ecological: The Fellmann.
  • Extra warmth from sheepskin inserts in the stroller.
  • Where can you buy cheap sheepskin online?
Sheepskin Benefits:
  • Ecological: sheepskin is 100% environmentally friendly
  • Health: sheepskin is suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Well-being: comfortable and soft
  • High comfort: Breathable and easy to care for
  • Modern: Many fashionable colors or natural fur

A sheepskin as a gift?

Our gift tip for 2023: Surprise your loved ones with a cuddly sheepskin :-)

A nice cozy living room. Everyone has their favorite place. What goes better with this atmosphere than cozy sheepskin shoes or a cozy sheepskin rug that adds comfortability in the living area. Our white, fluffy sheepskins is very trendy this year.

They can be used individually and give any room cosiness and warmth. Even in the garden you can often find a sheepskin to rest on. The warmth of the sheepskin offers cozy hours, especially on mild evenings, when you still want to get something out of your garden and lie down completely relaxed on the garden lounger.

Whether on dining chairs, in front of the fireplace, in the bathroom as a bath rug or in the children's room as a play rug... Sheepskins can really make a significant contribution to making you feel comfortable in any room.

Especially grandparents and parents-in-law will be very happy about a fluffy sheepskin. Especially colored sheepskin in gray, white or natural colors are currently very popular.

It is a natural product and is very easy to care for. Young parents will also be happy about a sheepskin. Be it as a fur insert for the stroller or as a cozy blanket in the warm living room in winter. Sheepskin is available in natural colors or gently dyed with a fashionable touch. Each one is unique.

How long have people been using sheepskins?

Sheep have been kept for about 10,000 years to produce lamb, sheep's milk and fur, making them probably the oldest livestock. The use of sheep's wool began about 3000 years ago. With millions of pelts produced each year, they are the most important domesticated fur suppliers.

Even the Neanderthals appreciated the advantages of sheepskins. After all, sheepskins keep you warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to their natural insulating properties. Accordingly, skins are characterized by a very high wearing comfort. They are also hard-wearing, breathable, dirt-repellent and easy-care. So if you buy skins, you will enjoy them for many years.


Sheepskins in natural colors are also very popular with fans of the Middle Ages. Medieval fur, i.e. natural sheepskin, is therefore often found at medieval festivals. A flickering campfire, tree trunks as a seat and cozy sheepskins on them create a cozy and rustic atmosphere.

Does sheepskin have health benefits?

The fur keeps you warm in winter cool in summer, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Sheepskin is breathable and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Sheepskin wool absorbs up to 30% moisture in the form of water vapor and does not feel damp or cold. This property ensures that dirt is repelled and a natural self-cleaning power is present.


Sheepskin is antibacterial and protects the surface of the skin.

According to a study of 3,000 children, those who slept on animal fur were said to be 80 percent less likely to develop asthma. The skins are likely to have been the sheepskins usually used almost exclusively for this purpose. These differences were still measurable at the age of ten, at this age it was 41 percent. Previous research has attributed this to previously unspecified microbes thought to be in the skins. The study was carried out by the Helmholtz Zentrum München of the non-profit organization European Respiratory Society.


Is sheepskin trendy?

If you follow the statistics of search queries, then sheepskin has enjoyed increasing popularity for years. People are looking for skins as accessories for the living room or bedroom, as clothing or for cozy sheepskin slippers.


How do you wash or care for sheepskin?

Sheepskin is a low-maintenance product. In most cases it is enough to just locally clean or brush out the soiled area. If it is very dirty, the fur should only be hand washed (or, if you have a newer model of machine, choose the hand wash cycle, cold water).

• Detergent: Always use a wool detergent or a PH-neutral, non-intrusive shampoo.
• Pre-drying: at most spin gently, or better wrap in a few towels to pre-dry.
• Drying: Always air dry sheepskin, never tumble dry.



Our recommendation for caring for sheepskin:

Air it out regularly and it will clean itself. If you air them out on the balcony or terrace, please make sure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. Dust can be easily beat out of the natural fur products. You can also clean long-haired skins with brushes. When vacuuming, you should choose the lowest level and vacuum in the direction of hair growth. You should avoid cleaning sheepskins with cleaning detergents, as they can strain the material. Nevertheless, it can happen that you want get your sheepskin dirty. To wash it, you should use special fur detergents and then rinse them thoroughly. Do not wring! If you are unsure of how to do it, it is better to hire a specialist to do the cleaning.


What colors are sheepskins available in?

Natural, brown, grey, black, white or blue ... and it gets even more colorful with sheepskins.
Gently dyed sheepskins are available in almost all colors today and can be perfectly combined with any style of interior. Regardless of your favorite color - every sheepskin brings a plus of cosiness into your home. Sheepskin in natural colors has always been timelessly modern and, thanks to the good demand, can be bought in top quality at low prices.

Thanks to the gentle processing of the skins, the colors remain intense for a long time and they are just as cuddly as sheepskins in natural colors. The catering trade is also increasingly buying cozy seat pads do their guests can be even more comfortable in the beer gardens. We have put together the most popular colored sheepskins for you in our online shop. As a seat pad in your garden or balcony - with our products you always create a cozy place!


Why do sheepskins smell?

In contrast to artificial or synthetic sheepskin, real sheepskin is a natural product and a slight inherent smell is quite normal. Many people like the smell. If the smell of sheepskin bothers you at first, airing it out will help and after a few days the smell of sheepskin will fade. As a fluffy pad in your favorite armchair, as a carpet or for the little ones to cuddle up with, sheepskin is a unique natural product that makes you feel good.



Sustainable and ecological: The Fellmann.

For more than 25 years we have been running our sheepskin business in Kulmbach - in the heart of Upper Franconia - with a lot of love and experience. We purchase the sheepskins exclusively from German sheep farms, which we regularly visit in person to check the functionality, quality and species-appropriate husbandry. The skins come exclusively from animals bred for food production. We refine and process these sheepskins and thus ensure an ecologically sustainable cycle.

We store our raw sheepskins on around 600 square meters, which are sorted by trained employees with many years of experience and checked according to strict quality specifications. These sheepskins are further processed in selected and award-winning shepherds and furriers from the high Tatras in Poland, with whom we maintain a close relationship and can thus guarantee innovative processes and the best workmanship. We create our designs and ideas together, so we strengthen a respectful relationship in which we can learn from each other and achieve a perfect end product. Environmentally conscious and ecological tanning is a matter of course for us.

Our sheepskin range: sheepskins from southern Germany, Australian or Icelandic sheepskins and merino sheepskins.

Our offer includes everything to do with sheepskin and leather. High-quality clothing, sheepskin shoes, accessories, a wide range for the living area such as sheepskin blankets, pillows, seat cushions, mattress pads, fur stools, sheepskin runners, carpets, our healthy and fit promises an extensive range such as foot warmers, wheelchair pads, kidney warmers, insoles and even sheepskin hot water bottles. For babies, we offer cuddly soft sheepskin shoes, medical-tanned sheepskins and accessories for the stroller in natural, gray or fashion colors. We even have the right cuddly fur for your beloved pet.

Der-Fellmann stands for the best quality and consistent customer orientation, because we can only meet the high demands of our customers with carefully selected quality products. Due to the close contact to our furriers and sheep farms, we are able to respond individually to your wishes. Our customers appreciate our passion, know-how and flair for fashion. Top quality at fair prices, fast delivery times and the satisfaction guarantee are the cornerstones of our long-term success.


Extra warmth from sheepskin inserts in the stroller.

An winter excursion is great fun for babies and toddlers in particular. They get very happy when they spot the snowflakes. They discover the world from the perspective of their stroller and we should make them feel good, dress them warm and comfortable. A sheepskin insert provides extra warmth, and on cold days create a cozy place in the stroller for the little ones.

Where can you buy cheap sheepskin online?

In our online shop you will find a large selection of high-quality leather jackets, cuddly large sheepskins, fur jackets, lambskin shoes, accessories and much more. We deliver quickly, so that you can soon be looking forward to your sheepskin or fur product.

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Comfort – Sheepskins create a comfortable climate.
Skins have been in great demand as a home accessory for several years, as they conjure up a particularly cozy atmosphere in your own four walls. Sheepskins in front of the fireplace, on the sofa or as a cushion always create a very warm atmosphere. With us you will find sheepskin products in different sizes and colors. So if you are looking for a special gift, you should think about sheepskin blankets.

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