Proud partners of the Polish charity show "STARS FOR CHILDREN" in Grodzisk Mazowiecki!

fot. Piotr Podlewski/AKPA/ photo: Piotr Podlewski/AKPA/

On September 10, 2023, a unique event took place at the CAIIS Performance and Sports Hall, bringing together many famous faces to support a noble cause. The event was organized by HG Film, represented by the extremely committed Hanna Glowacka.

During this unique show there was a lot of real stars. Among them were Karol Strasburger, Malgorzata Opczowska, Piotr Mroz, Emilia Dankwa, Maja Hyzy, Kinga Zawodnik, Anna Powierza, Eliza Giwazda, Karolina Motylewska, Weronika Korol. Their presence made the event even more memorable.

We would like to share with you the news that the Hollert brand had the honor of being one of the Partners of this event. Our exclusive leather jackets were worn by special guests such as Karol Strasburger, Piotr Mróz, Malgorzata Opczowska and Anna Powierza. Their elegance and style perfectly matched the spirit of the event.


Karol Strasburger, an icon of elegance, chose the KABAN double-sided leather jacket to highlight his unique taste and class. It is a unique combination of style and comfort.

Małgorzata Opczowska - The star, known, among others, from the "Pytanie na śniadanie" Polish morning TV program, opted for a daring styling, combining a classic black PEGGY leather jacket with short shorts. This unusual choice highlighted her long and shapely legs, giving her styling a unique character.

The KOZA jacket, selected by Piotr Mroz, is a model with a motorcycle character, which will work well in both everyday and more elegant styling. It is a versatile piece of clothing that will add character to any men's styling.

Anna Powierza opted for a leather jacket JULIANNA, which perfectly reflected her individual character and strength of personality. This is a choice for women who like to stand out from the crowd.

Małgorzata Opczowska photo: Piotr Podlewski/AKPA/ Piotr Mróz photo: Piotr Podlewski/AKPA/ Karol Strasburgerphoto: Piotr Podlewski/AKPA/

Our youngest participants in the show, the children, also shone in our latest merino wool vests with an adorable sheep button. This is not only a stylish but also extremely warm and comfortable item.

Thanks to the support of our products, all participants in the charity show "STARS FOR CHILDREN" could feel special and elegant, while supporting the noble goal of the event.

Anna Powierza Gwiazdy Dzieciom photo: Piotr Podlewski/AKPA/ We are extremely proud that we were able to participate in this unique event and support such an important cause. Thank you all for your participation and commitment!


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