Pink interior!

Do you love pink? Have you been eagerly awaiting the release of this year's Barbie movie? We have something special for you! Pink lambskins, pillows, slippers and flip flops! Check out our offer and start planning your pink decor today!

Let's start with the most universal part of the decor - LAMBSKINS. You can use it as a rug, bedspread, armchair or sofa, as well as table decorations, e.g. as a table runner.

In our offer we have lambskins in lighter and darker shades of pink, as well as with short straight or long and curly hair! Every Barbie fan will find something for herself!

Feel free to check out our pink lambskins:


Another thing you should get are our lambskin pillows. Filled with real feathers, they not only provide comfort, warmth and healthy relaxation, but also add charm and coziness to any interior.


Especially for our fans of pink we have prepared an offer that cannot be rejected - pink pillows with curly hair!


You will find them in shades of light and dark pink, we are sure that you will fall in love with them!




If, apart from a stylish look, you value relaxation and comfort, our pink flip-flops and slippers will be the perfect option! In different versions: glossy, slip-on or slip-in, light or dark pink.


They combine softness and comfort. 


Slippers made of natural lambskin have unique health properties! They are recommended for people with circulatory problems. Theremoregulatory abilities ensures that you can wear our slippers all year round! They pleasantly cool in the summer and keep you warm in the winter.


Treat yourself with natural gifts.


The feeling of walking on the clouds and relax at the end of a busy day.



If you want to combine style with comfort, check out our suggestions:


Our pink collection will surely suit the taste of every pink fan! Whether in the living room or in your child's room, our leathers are durable, beautiful and easy to maintain. They are safe for children, anti-allergic and antibacterial. They have self-cleaning properties, they do not catch dust!

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