Natural Easter Gifts for Children


Spring has (hopefully) finally arrived and with it Easter is fast approaching. With everyday chores and spring cleaning, don't forget Easter gifts for your loved ones.

If you don't have any ideas for gifts for your kids yet, we have some great ideas for you! Creative, high-quality and very useful Easter gifts for the little ones:


1. Sheepskin Pillow - Mäh

Our mascot - a pillow made of incredibly soft, natural lambskin. Made entirely by hand, which makes it unique. It feels wonderful and invites you to cuddle, love and play. Perfect as a faithful companion on every journey. Natural, non-toxic materials and an enchanting look make our sheep a delight for all children without exception. Available in three different color variants. Get to know our cuddly pillow and see for yourself that it can be your best friend!

2. Children's Lambskin Slippers - BALI

Super soft, very comfortable children's slippers are a great gift idea for those who value the usefulness of a gift above all else.The cuddly lambskin on the inside adapts perfectly to the child's foot and thus offers him excellent conditions for his motor development.The non-slip bottom ensures a stable walk on any floor.The slippers are so flexible that they do not restrict movement in any way, giving the child the feeling of walking barefoot. Natural lambskin keeps the right temperature without overheating and sweating your feet.




3. Medical Lambskin Baby Gold

Another idea for an original, natural gift is our Lambskin Baby Gold! Its wonderful properties and health-promoting effect on your child's health are undisputed. The lambskin takes on the scent of the environment over time, so it is recommended for pregnant women to sleep on. A baby sleeping on it after birth can feel safe and comfortable, just like in mother's arms. The direct touch of the lambskin calms and relaxes and ensures a pleasant, restful sleep. The lanolin contained in the bristles prevents the development of mites and is absolutely harmless for the skin of allergy sufferers. In addition, the protein offers stain resistance and antibacterial properties. Lambskin Baby Gold is a perfect solution to make your baby's nights out as comfortable as possible.

4. Baby Lambskin Shoes - WITH VELCRO

When choosing products for a child, all parents want to provide them with the best they can. With this in mind, we have created wonderfully soft and completely natural baby shoes made from the best lambskin. Our soft-soled baby shoes provide natural warmth and a barefoot feel. The soft, non-slip sole does not restrict movement, allows your baby to safely crawl and walk even on smooth surfaces. Fluffy soft lambskin protects delicate feet and allows them to grow naturally. The lanolin contained in the lambskin is gentle on sensitive baby skin, which is also prone to allergic reactions.



5. Cozy Hot Water Bottle Sheep Mascot

A soft, colorful mascot hot water bottle can be used as a heat pad or cuddly toy. A TÜV-approved rubber bottle with a capacity of 0.8L for hot water allows for safe use and long-term heat retention. The soft cover protects the bottle from excessive temperatures and gives it a wonderful look. The cover is machine washable at 30°C.


6. Merino Blanket Blue Elephant

A cuddly soft and light blanket made of the best merino wool from Hollert. Thanks to lanolin, the wool blanket has dirt-repellent, antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. Merino wool fibers provide pleasant warmth without sweating. The blanket is perfect for summer and winter. Body temperature is regulated naturally. Wrap your baby in a soft merino wool blanket. The dimensions of the blanket are 100x140 cm.



7. Lambskin Pillow Heart

A wonderfully fluffy heart-shaped pillow. Natural and dense lambskin will add coziness to the decor of a child's room, and will also become a good and soft friend of every little one. It is made of natural lambskin. The pillow made of handpicked lambskin is unique. Thermoregulatory abilities ensure pleasant cooling in summer and warmth on winter days. Both the front and the back of the cushion are covered with soft lambskin. This pillow is also ideal as a nursing pillow. The shape allows your baby to lie perfectly and offers every mother a secure hold.


8. Lambskin Rug Bear

A teddy rug made of soft lambskin will be your child's best friend. Pleasantly soft, perfect for cuddling or as a companion for reading fairy tales before going to bed. It has a non-slip bottom. A sweet addition to any child's room. Guaranteed relaxation and cozy atmosphere. Available in 2 different colors (white, brown). It is perfect as a decoration, soft carpet, runner, mat for sitting or playing, etc.


We have presented you with our suggestions for a perfect gift for your beloved child. Original gifts and above all love and care for the youngest. If you are a fan of natural products, please visit There you will find even more inspiration for gifts for loved ones!


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