Mother's Day Gifts Full of Love



Mother's Day Gifts Full of Love


One of the most beautiful months of the year is approaching - May. Mother Nature comes alive and reminds you of love. And we remind you that the day of our wonderful moms is approaching. High time to think about gifts for women, whom we have so much to thank. If you don't have an idea for a unique gift for mom, let our suggestions inspire you.

We know how different mothers are, so we have prepared gifts for each of them. You'll find something for a retired mom, an active mom, a working mom, and an adventurous mom. Are you curious about one of the options? Continue reading!


Retired mom

i.e. a mother who is in need of special care due to her age or her physical condition. A woman with a heart of gold, devoted to you and now retired. What can you give her?


1. Lambskin Slippers - CHRISTEL

CHRISTEL rehab slippers made of lambskin with a wide Velcro fastener for easy putting on and taking off. The inside of the shoe is insulated with thick merino lambskin from Bavarian sheep farms. Lambskin conforms to the contours of your feet, preventing painful pressure on any sensitive areas. Perfect slippers for diabetic foot or circulatory problems.

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2. Bed Pad

Another very good idea is our ecologically tanned bed pad. It is offered in two different sizes. The cushion fits both a single and a double bed. Sleeping on a sheepskin makes it easier to fall asleep and make rest more effective. The lambskin pads have a positive effect on the body. They reduce work and stress-related muscle tension, improve blood circulation and relieve back pain, peripheral joint pain or rheumatic complaints.


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3. BIO Organic healing wool


Wool helps with abrasions and cuts, earaches, joint and muscle pains, and sore throats. Healing wool is a wonderful natural remedy that should not be missing in any household. The high lanolin content has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothes irritated skin, absorbs moisture, relieves itching and supports the healing process.

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Working mom

This mother has both feet on the ground and is independent. Strong, enterprising and hardworking. What might you like?




1. Lambskin Vest - EMMA

The classic women's vest is made of 100% merino lambskin. The longer cut and the soft nappa leather nestle perfectly against the body and offers thermal comfort. The universal look of the vest makes it very easy to match the rest of the garment. Perfect for work or in the garden.

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2. Lambskin pillows

A wonderfully fluffy cushion made from natural lambskin. It brings comfort and a homely atmosphere to the room. Cushions made from handpicked lambskins. The lanolin content in the bristles has an antiallergic effect and prevents mites from multiplying. It will help your mother to rest after a day of work.

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3. Lambskin Medical Shoes - DANI WHITE

Our new versions of women's shoes are not only stylish, but also practical. The perfect gift for a working mom. Real running makes you stop and absorbs sweat, making the shoes extraordinarily breathable to bring you masterful achievements. A stable, waterproof, non-slip sole ensures a certain walking comfort. Model for very yellow light, hairdressers, beauticians, etc..

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4. Armchair or Couch Pad Made of lLambskin

The lambskin armchair cover is a gift that will surely please every mother. Wonderfully soft and fluffy, it invites you to relax and unwind. The perfect choice for a person who likes to read, watch movies or just relax in an armchair. The dense hair, approx. 4-7 cm high, ensures no seam feeling and thus offers exceptional seating comfort. The calming effect relaxes the body, which significantly reduces stress and improves the quality of relaxation. A natural product, free from any chemical contamination, easy to care for, durable and insensitive to dirt.

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Active Mom

i.e. a mother who loves any physical activity. She is often on the move and prefers to be out in the fresh air. What can you offer an active mother?


1. Lambskin

If your mom loves picnics or RV trips, we have a great deal for you. Fluffy, natural lambskin not only looks beautiful and is comfortable, but also has health-promoting properties! A touch of soft lambskin has a relaxing effect on the body and makes recovery more effective. Thick fur adapts to the shape of the body, relieves muscle tension, improves blood circulation and relieves stress. Natural thermoregulatory properties ensure pleasant cooling in summer. Your mom will thank you for this gift!

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2. Bicycle seat covers

For active mothers who love bike tours, we have a lambskin saddle cover. With this bicycle saddle cover, you can go on every adventure comfortably and without discomfort. The saddle cover regulates moisture and temperature. It significantly improves driving comfort, allowing you to cover longer distances.

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3. Yoga Mat - Organic Prestige

An exclusive yoga mat made from 100% New Zealand organic wool with a practical carry bag included. The very dense and cuddly soft wool from which it is made nestles against the body. Thick wool has a relaxing effect on the body, effectively reducing stress levels. The mat is perfect for practicing yoga, gymnastics, pilates or meditation, the moms love it.

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An adventurous mother

is a person who is not afraid of anything. She likes challenges and is brave. She loves to stand out! We have something special for such a mom!



1. Leather Jacket - PATI

The exclusive PATI women's jacket made of extremely soft nappa lambskin is a great quality product for mothers. Carefully selected lamb leather makes the jacket light and very comfortable.
The universal look can be combined with many fashionable styles.


2. Slippers - DIAMOND

Looking for heavenly comfy slippers for your mum's weary feet to rest in after a day of high speed? We have the perfect natural lambskin slippers for her! Beautiful, shimmering foil on the upper protects the shoe from dirt and gives it an extraordinary look. The slippers are fully insulated with lambskin, which has the ability to thermoregulate. Thick merino sheepskin has a shock-absorbing effect and is easy on the joints. Slippers made of natural material are very kind to the skin, even for the sensitive feet of people with diabetes.

3. Leather Platform Boots

Stylish boots with a decorative chain are a guarantee of comfort and quality. Comfortable, extremely light, made of high-quality nubuck leather. They have a zipper on the inside, a fashionable appliqué and characteristic notches that ensure a stylish look. The eye-catching, contrasting rippled rubber sole is very durable and resistant to moisture.

We have presented our suggestions for a successful and original gift for your special mother. Quality gifts that ensure comfort and health above all. If you are a fan of natural products, please visit There you will find even more inspiration for gifts for loved ones.


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