Modern, stylish Lambskin!


Lambskin infashion and much more...

Sheeps have been kept for about 10,000 years to produce lamb- and sheep's milk and fur. Even then, the high value of this natural product was recognized and used. Thus, lambskin was already found in every household 3000 years ago and is simply part of the interior design.


Color, pattern and hair length...

Everyone knows the white, soft classic lambskin. It is stylish and enriches every interior, no question. But we all need some variety, new patterns, unusual colors. Currently an absolute must-have is the iceland lambskin with a long hair. Natural colors are not only very modern, they also fit into almost any interior and are therefore definitely one of the trends of the year. Whether on the floor, in an armchair or on the couch, icelandic lambskin belongs in every household in 2023. Our premium top seller 2023 in various natural colors and lengths can be found here: Iceland Lambskin - White.


 Whether on a light parquet floor, in a simply kept living room or in a modern furnished children's room, the lambskins in earth tones are an absolute top seller and belong in every interior. The beige colors set the tone and are by far the most coveted colors in the 2023 furnishing style. The decorative fur that belongs to every interior can also be found here in the Fellmann shop: Tibetan Lambskin - Cappuccino

Fashion comes and goes, whether modern, cuddly, practical or as a decoration, lambskin always finds its place in your interior design.

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