How to care for lambskin clothing?


To keep your jackets and coats looking good for many years, follow a few simple rules.

1. WEAR YOUR JACKET every fall/winter season

Lambskin coats should be worn every season, as the collagen fibers, which are a natural component of the skin, harden somewhat when not in use and the leather can become stiffer. If the lambskin is used every year, the material will be soft and comfortable to wear all the time.

2. AVOID wetness

If a few raindrops or snowflakes fall on your lambskin, nothing will happen. All you have to do is hang it on a wide hanger in a well-ventilated place and allow it to dry and air. Under no circumstances should the drying process be accelerated, e.g. with air from a dryer and prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. However, avoid getting the jacket completely wet! A lambskin coat that has been wettened down to the fur layer will knot, become hard and lose its shine. This is an irreversible process that cannot be repaired.


You can remove light stains with a soft brush or try a new, clean eraser. In the past, bread crusts or balls were also used to clean minor stains on the lambskin coat. Avoid grease stains, they are very difficult or impossible to remove. Also be careful with stains from cosmetics. Use perfumes with caution, especially those containing alcohol - they can cause stains and discoloration. If the lambskin is very dirty, take it to a professional cleaning service.


Store your lambskin jacket in a dry place, away from moisture and intense odors. It is best to hang it on a wide hanger and put it in a cotton cover.


We recommend that you do not treat the leather with greasy products and lotions. Only use products from proven and qualified manufacturers for your care.

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