Decorate your home for Easter with Hollert lambskin products!

We love Easter! For us it is a sign of spring that brings us to life. We enjoy spending time with our family, preparing meals together and most of all decorating our home. We would like to share our ideas for beautiful, spring-like Easter decorations with you. Be inspired to your heart's content! Or maybe you have other ideas for our products in the Easter version? Then we are waiting for your suggestions! #derfellman

1. Original, high-quality Hollert Tibetan lambskins

We like it colourful. Especially at Easter. In order to make your guests not only colorful, but above all comfortable, you can put our Tibetan lambskins on chairs, the sofa or the couch set. Available in many colors! (not only blue and pink)

Original, high-quality Hollert Tibetan lambskins are sorted by hand and expertly cut into the right shape. The skins are not chemically bleached, i.e. free from harmful substances. Ecological tanning means that leather should not be washed. To maintain a beautiful appearance, it is enough to brush, shake and air them from time to time. Thanks to lanolin, lambskin is dirt-repellent, has antibacterial properties, does not cause allergies and is a hostile habitat for mites. The beautiful, long, curly bristles are very light and soft. Lambskin is an eye-catcher in every room. It harmonises perfectly with other natural colors and provides a cozy accent in the apartment. Lambskin Tibet is a perfect decoration for our Easter interior.


2. Cuddly pillows made of Tibetan lambskin.

If you are looking for an elegant furnishing element for Easter decorations, we have a wonderfully fluffy Tibetan lambskin cushion for you! The perfect addition to any home. The shiny, long and curly coat looks beautiful. The inner cushion is filled with real feathers. Natural thermoregulation abilities make the pillow wonderfully cool in summer and pleasantly warm in winter. Lambskin has a soothing effect on a sore back, so the pillow is also ideal for relaxing your back.






3. Little Paul

Your home will be completed with the decorative ram Little Paul. Made from solid wood and cuddly lambskin by Hollert. Designed and handcrafted by a sculptor, making it totally unique! It can be used as a stool, a footrest or just as a decoration.


5. Flower Carpet

Our latest offer is a lambskin flower rug in white. Made from 100% merino lambskin. Beautiful natural leather and craftsmanship guarantee the highest quality. A stylish element of interior design, suitable for many arrangements. Made from handpicked lambskin without visible seams on the skin side. Suitable for any type and color of floor. The bottom is covered with non-slip material. A wonderful cuddly carpet for playing and reading, even for the little ones.




We have introduced you to a few spring-themed decorations that will make your Easter season more pleasant. We wish you all happy holidays and relax as you deserve.


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