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Written by: Bogdan Hollert Published by: DER FELLMANN on 21.12.2017

Cowhide - natural product and eye-catcher in every home.

For more than 25 years we have been running our sheepskin business in Kulmbach - in the heart of Upper Franconia - with a lot of love and experience. Over the years we have added other natural products to our selected range. In our blog post we would like to inform you in as much detail as possible about facets of cowhide, because our real cowhide as a natural product sets a special accent in every home. The uniqueness of the colour, the structure and the sheen of real cowhide has ensured a particularly pleasant living atmosphere for centuries. But not only that: thanks to the flat structure, furniture such as your dining table can find a stable place on the cowhide. This ensures a harmonious living design but also warm feet :-)

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Cowhide advantages:
  • Ecological: Cowhide is 100% environmentally friendly
  • Individual: Each cowhide is unique
  • Durable: tried and tested for centuries
  • Modern: Cowhide in fashionable colors or natural fur






Why are cowhides unique?

Every cowhide is unique in shape, colour, structure and size. This is exactly why real cowhide is just right for people who love an individual lifestyle. The flat structure of the fur is ideal as a carpet alternative in the living room or as a bedside rug in the bedroom, and it also keeps feet warm.

In contrast to many artificial fur imitations, fur carpet does not electrify. Such a fur rug made of cowhide can be white, black, brown, spotted or colored (gently dyed, e.g. red). The special feature of the skins is the unique shape and line structure that gives each individual cowhide its own character. Cowhide is robust and extremely durable. .In contrast to other natural skins, cowhide is naturally very flat.The risk of tripping over a cowhide is extremely low.

Cow skins have been used as a 100% natural product for clothing, carpets, bags and many other products for thousands of years.

Where does the cowhide come from?


Our cowhides come from the agricultural and food industries. The cow hides are basically a waste product there. We buy the cow hides from reliable and long-standing partners and carefully refine them into decorative skins. The high-quality cowhides that you can buy in our shop are beautiful and hand-sorted quality hides from South America, Germany and Austria, and it is very important to us that our hides come from good animal husbandry. The size of the cowhide ranges from 200-210cm to 240-250cm. Cowhide is durable and will give you pleasure as a fur rug for a long time.

Most cow skins in Europe are two-tone in color: black/white and red-custom/white. Especially in northern parts of Europe like Holland, northern Germany, Denmark or northern parts of Poland predominantly black and white cows are represented.
Red-brown/white cowhide comes mainly from Alpine countries and southern Europe.

Purple Explares have also been spotted in some chocolate regions of Europe :-) However, these are currently not available...

Which style of interior goes with cowhide?

Cowhide gives your living room a very individual touch. A fur rug draws attention and doesn't need much additions. Fur rugs look particularly elegant on single-colored surfaces such as carpets or tiles as well as on laminate or wooden floors. In the country house style, cow skins are an integral part, as natural products ensure more comfort in our living space. Cow skins were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

This retro living style is enjoying increasing popularity again these days. The beautiful cowhides are also indispensable in the rustic style. This simple and clear furnishing style offers plenty of space for individual character. Cowhide goes well with both modern and boho furnishing styles.


Cowhide can be used classically as a floor decoration. But it is also often used as a wall decoration to set a highlight in the living area or in the hallway.

How do you clean cowhide rugs?

So that the noble shine of the fur carpet lasts for a long time, you should be informed about the correct care and cleaning options for the cowhide. The basic rule is: Clean your cowhide as rarely as possible. It usually helps to beat the cowhide regularly or to remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner at a low level. If a stain has crept into the fur from liquids or food, it is best to use a soft sponge and warm water and gently massage the stain.

Make sure you use as little water as possible and wring out the sponge well before cleaning. If possible, you should avoid mechanical cleaning of the cowhide with a hard brush. The use of commercially available solvents should also not be considered for cowhide. In the case of larger stains or dirt, you can also have the fur rug cleaned by a specialist. However, there are also special shampoos for grooming available in specialist shops.

Your cowhide also wants to be treated gently when drying. Use an absorbent cloth or cloth to dry it by dabbing it lightly or place it in a shady place - never in direct sunlight.

In our fur shop you will find a large selection of high-quality cowhide, leather jackets, cozy sheepskins, fur jackets, lambskin shoes, accessories and much more. We deliver quickly and free of charge within Germany, so that you can soon be looking forward to your sheepskin or fur product. 

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