A lambskin for my child?

A lambskin for my child?

A lambskin is natural, soft and temperature-regulating. There are several reasons why toddlers in particular love them.


The cuddly soft feeling when you lie on a lambskin is probably the main reason that inspires children's hearts. Another and almost more important reason is that lambskin has excellent temperature-regulating properties. This is due to the nature of the fur, which as a natural product is mainly intended to keep you warm, and the natural air cushion that occurs on the lambskin as soon as your baby lies on it has a cooling effect.

A lambskin gives us warmth in cold seasons and can have a cooling effect in summer. So the perfect conditions for every child.


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Lambskin in the stroller?

A soft, warm and cuddly lambskin is the perfect companion for a baby. Especially when going for a walk, it is important to ensure that a small child is in best conditions.

That means the right choice of clothes and, above all, warmth play a major role. The natural warmth of a lambskin is just right here. It not only insulates against the effects of cold in winter, but also absorbs moisture and thus prevents unpleasant sweating in summer.

In addition lambskin also absorbs odors. You can use this to your advantage, since you can use the lambskin yourself before birth to bind your own smell to the lambskin and give the child a feeling of security when it lies there.

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