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Soft brush TRIXIE
6.90€ *
Cow leather pillow Model 1
59.90€ *
Cowhide rug triangular pattern
249.00€ *
Calfskin No. 135 Brown / White
199.00€ *
Calfskin No. 136 Brown / White
179.00€ *
Calfskin No. 137 Brown / White
175.00€ *
Calfskin No. 138 Brown
169.00€ *
Calfskin No. 140 Brown / White
179.00€ *
Calfskin No. 144 Brown / White
209.00€ *
Calfskin No. 148 Brown / White
209.00€ *
Cowhide leather No. 151 Brown / White
249.00€ *
Calfskin leather No. 154 Brown / White
199.00€ *
Calfskin leather No. 155 Brown / White
189.00€ *
Calfskin leather No. 156 Brown / White
179.00€ *
Calfskin leather No. 158 Brown / White
209.00€ *
Calfskin leather No. 162 Brown / White
179.00€ *
Calfskin leather No. 163 Black / White
219.00€ *
Cowhide leather No. 169 Black / White
239.00€ *
Calfskin leather No. 170 Black Brown / White
219.00€ *
Calfskin leather No. 171 Black / White
209.00€ *
Cowhide leather No. 172 Black / White
239.00€ *

Buy high quality cowhide

Cowhide - A beautiful animal home accessory

You love extravagant home accessories and wall decorations? Then a high-quality cowhide from Hollert is exactly the right thing for you. In our category "Cowhide" you will find many skins in different colors and shapes. The differences in pattern and size will always give you a unique natural fur product. We attach great importance to first-class quality and check each of our items for defects before leaving our headquarters.

A cowhide is not only a stylish decorative item, but is ideal as a comfortable seat pad and pleasant heat source. The natural fur products have been in fashion for many years and decorate floors in the sleeping, living and dining areas. What is nicer in the winter than cuddling up at home when it storms and snows outside? With a cowhide in front of the crackling fireplace, you can spend many romantic hours with your partner over a glass of wine.

Cowhide - the right care

A cowhide is durable and easy to care for. Nevertheless, one can do much wrong with the care. For the daily cleansing usually shaking out or knocking out to remove annoying dust. When vacuuming the cowhide, remember to choose the lowest level and do not use a rotating brush. Dry stains are best removed by scraping gently towards the center of the stain. Moist stains should not be rubbed or rubbed into the cowhide. Use paper towels to absorb moisture. When the stain has dried, you can moisten the stain with a paper towel and a very mild detergent. If you want to be on the safe side, should hire a professional cleaning professional.

who we are

The owner of "Der Fellmann" is Bogdan Hollert. The company was founded in 1993 in Rugendorf in the valley of Kulmbach in Upper Franconia. At the beginning our company dealt with the import and export of sheepskins. Back in 1995, we expanded our product range to include the sale of sheepskin products. The positive response made us expand this division. Meanwhile, we have been working together with reliable suppliers from southern Germany and the Alpine countries for many years.

How to order your cowhide from us

You can order online directly via our secure encrypted access, or via fax or telephone via our service hotline. Our telephone customer service at +49 9221/39 14 636 is open from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm. In addition to placing your order, our friendly and experienced staff will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. We deliver within Germany free shipping.

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