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Lambskin pilot hat
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Pelt hat with earflaps
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Knitted hat Oslo Model 03
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Knitted hat Norway Model 02
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Knitted hat Norway Model 03
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Pelt hat - MOHAIR
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Fellmütze - GLITZER
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Knitted hat Oslo Model 01
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Knitted hat Oslo Model 02
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Knitted hat Oslo Model 04
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Knitted hat Oslo Model 05
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Knitted hat Norway Model 01
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Ladies Fur Hat: Healthy through the winter

If the cold wet season comes after the hot summer days, we have to get our warm clothes out of the closet again. In addition to thick pullovers, vests, coats, undershirts, tights, boots and muffs, a full winter wardrobe also includes a women's fur hat. A women's fur hat is especially important if you spend most of the day in the cold - for example, when skiing or tobogganing. In such activities, we lose over the head very quickly heat that the body can not reproduce. This weakens our immune system and increases the risk of cold. A women's fur hat is therefore mandatory if you want to stay healthy.

Ladies Fur Hat: Russian warm on icy cold days

An absolute classic is a Russian women's fur hat to keep the head warm and cozy. Ladies fur hats are available in numerous designs. The best known model of a ladies fur hat is probably the so-called "aviator cap". This is often worn because it protects the neck and ears very well. As a rule, the earmuff can be folded down at will and fastened with snaps. Often such a cap is made of leather and the warm fur is only attached to the most important areas: forehead, ears, etc. Particularly playful is a ladies fur cape with laces and pompoms. Just as popular as "aviator caps" are also "chapkas". This is a women's fur cap that surrounds the head like a ring. This type of women's fur hat is known, among other things, from Russian military films.

A ladies fur hat is also very easy to care for. Please note the following tips:
• If you store your hat in the cupboard during the summer, you should attach mothballs for protection.
• Do not store your furry headgear in slides.
• A fur hat is self-cleaning. Never wash them in the washing machine.

who we are

The owner of "Der Fellmann" is Bogdan Hollert. The company was founded in 1993 in Rugendorf in the valley of Kulmbach in Upper Franconia. At the beginning our company dealt with the import and export of sheepskins. Back in 1995, we expanded our product range to include the sale of sheepskin products. The positive response made us expand this division. Meanwhile, we have been working together with reliable suppliers from southern Germany and the Alpine countries for many years.

How to order your ladies fur hat from us

You can order online directly via our secure encrypted access, or via fax or telephone via our service hotline. Our telephone customer service at +49 9221/39 14 636 is open from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm. In addition to placing your order, our friendly and experienced staff will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. We deliver within Germany free shipping.

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